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In the midst of the #MeToo movement and on the heels of the Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing, Pick-a-little-New-talk-a-little was a commissioned piece for Riverside City College and created as a direct response towards the publication of sexual harassment allegations and the "no means no" movement in our current social /political climate. Using individual experiences as inspiration, O'Dell and the RCC dancers worked collaboratively to devise a dance theatre piece, which weaved together movement with spoken word in a comedic, yet poignant, depiction of shared female experiences. In a triumphant reclamation of past vulnerable and voiceless moments, the dancers discover the power in saying "no". This piece was one of ten selected for the American College Dance Association, Baja Region, Gala Concert in 2019.

Photos by Skye Schmidt

Premiere: 2019 

Irvine Barclay Theatre

American College Dance Association

Gala Performance

Choreographer:  Robyn O'Dell

Lighting Design: Morgan Embry & Robyn O'Dell

Costume Design: Sarah Perez


Cast: Jasmine Cortez, Hannah March, Amber McClellan, Joanne Olivo, Alexandra Portillo, Aisha Stewart, Daniela Lepe Valverde

Creative Mentors: Rita Chenoweth & Mark Haines


Length : 10 minutes

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