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Daughters of Wolbachia

* Description written by film director and conceptualist,

Ariel McCleese*


In the wake of a feminist bacterial apocalypse, three women fight to secure domination over man once and for all.
Imagine a world in which a bacteria kills all males in a species, turns any remaining males into females, and makes it possible for virgin females to give birth. That world exists, right beneath our feet. Whole insect populations have been feminized due to Wolbachia bacteria. Daughters of Wolbachia places this bacteria into the human landscape, and asks: What would power look like in a world without men?

The film was shot by an all-female crew, bringing together women in film, fine art, dance, and poetry.

Stills from film by Ariel McCleese

Premiere: 2019 


Boston Court Theatre Pasadena 


Director: Ariel McCleese

Movement Direction: Robyn O'Dell

Cast:  Ava Hase, Ela Castillo, Anna Christensen, Maxwell Williams

Written by: Ariel McCleese and Vanessa Roveto

Produced by: Ariel McCleese and Alex Rose

Cinematographer: Hannah Getz


Length : 15 minutes 38 seconds

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