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Photo by Angelico Tolentino
Photos by Angelico Tolentino
Photos by Angelico Tolentino

Robyn teaches a diverse range of performance-based classes for students of all levels and ages. In Robyn's classes, students work to develop as performance artists through choreographed and improvised movement explorations. 

Emphasizing contemporary modern dance technique, a deeper connection to body, rhythm, space, and breath, students enhance and diversify their performance abilities. 

Teen/Adult Contemporary Modern
Fridays 7-8pm
at Pasadena Dance Theatre


Contemporary Modern Dance Technique

This course explores the fundamentals of modern dance technique, emphasizing the relationships between principal concepts of gravity and momentum, contraction and release, as well as a breathe to movement relationship. Students will participate in a structured and creative class dynamic by working through performative and somatic movement progressions. (all levels)


Movement for Actors

In this course, students train in physical exercises influenced by Suzuki Technique, Viewpoints, mask work, and modern dance to explore and develop the body's physical awareness, range, and expressiveness.

(all levels)  


Acting for Dancers

Students work on composition projects combining contemporary modern dance technique training with physical acting techniques and philosophies to develop as expressive and more dynamic performance artists. (all levels)


Devising Performance

Students will have the opportunity to develop their creative abilities through experiences within various performance art- based practices and apply these methods to create collaborative performance projects. Through movement exercises, vocal training, creative writing prompts, and subject material research the students work together to explore and develop diverse methods of creating performance. (all levels). 

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