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Inspired by Arthur Miller's iconic character Willy Loman and Walt Disney's animation to Rhapsody in Blue, from the 1940 film, FantasiaHackneyed is a whirlwind of movement, reminiscent of a circus funhouse, complete with grosteque faces, technicolored lights , and distorted sounds. With a strong concentration on narrative and character development, O'Dell's collaboration with the dancers evolved into an episodic -style of performance, following a run-down character struggling to keep up with the devouring pace of life.

Photos by Skye Schmidt

Premiere: 2018


 University of California, Irvine


Claire Trevor Theatre 

Claire Trevor School of the Arts


Choreography: Robyn O'Dell

Sound Design: Norman Beede & Ross Whitney,

with Aaron Chavez

Lighting Design: Morgan Embry

Stage Manager Sarah Nearhoff

Cast: Jemima Choong, Lexington Demark,

Claire Desenberg, Lily Morach, João Pedro Ducci , Natalia Pinpin, Olivia Stroud


Length : 11 minutes

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