Eye for an I :art inspiring art is an eclectic and immersive gala event, which brings together diverse artists in a celebration of artistic creation, collaboration, and community. In a shared evening of dance, photography, film, music, poetry, spoken word, and more, audiences indulge in an evening of  performance and exhibitions. 

Photos by Steve Hwan, Angelico Tolentino, and Tiffany Chealenen Pettit



Gallery Godo, Glendale



Lineage Performing Arts Center, Pasadena


Direction/Choreography: Robyn O'Dell

Photography: Angelico Tolentino

Dancers: Natalie Davis, Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, Kristen Holleyman, Jackie Nii,  Erica-Lynn Priolo, and Eli Wienberg 

Musicians: Antony Marks and Andy Scott, Nina Fernando, Wendy Sue Hunt, and Sweet Muse

Photo Designs by Angelico Tolentino