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Company Collaborations
 Ptero Dance Theatre, Fall Foliage by Paula Present 
Photo by  Denise Leitner 

Robyn has danced with many contemporary modern dance companies in the Southern California area and enjoys combining her passion for performance with the inspiring work of creative collaboration. As a dancer, Robyn seeks to bring honesty, versitality, and heart to every performance, and extends herself to engage audiences into a shared exchange of energy and experience. 

Ptero Dance Theatre , Destaniation by Paula Present
Photos by Denise Leitner, George Simian, Angelico Tolentino, Clarence Alford, Eric Lawton

Past Work With

Koryn Wicks

B. Dunn Movement - Brigette Dunn-Korpela

Intersect Dance Theatre- Sofia Carreras

Ptero Dance Theatre- Paula Present

Brockus Red- Deborah Brockus

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